Little Monkey Suv Atv Motorcycle Accessories 17Mm Hole 428 Small Boats Engine Sprocket Teeth … #2869-Wil

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Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV little monkey GM Performance Accessories fit 428 428H model chain engine GM, but you change gear in small to large teeth , pay attention to the engine room is not enough !Specifications: 10 teeth -18 teeth12-18 …

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little monkey suv atv motorcycle accessories 17mm hole 428 small boats engine sprocket teeth small

Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV little monkey GM Performance Accessories fit 428 428H model chain engine GM, but you change gear in small to large teeth , pay attention to the engine room is not enough !

Specifications: 10 teeth -18 teeth

12-18 toothed belt mounting accessories

Look how big the hole and the hole is small holes , slots for boats bore the slot is the maximum distance specifications of the boats , 17MM distance of holes,20MM big hole distance

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