Beach Motorcycle/increasing Paragraph 8 Inch Vacuum Tire Drum Brake Iron Ox Four-Wheel Off-Road Beach Car … #8960-Ol

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Iron mailboxA free upgrade LED lightsBeing a baby being detailed configurationEngine: chongqing boom cylinder 125Cc engine (reverse), single cylinder, air cooled, four strokeThe transmission system: 3 + 1Automatic clutchDriving …

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beach motorcycle/increasing paragraph 8 inch vacuum tire drum brake iron ox four-wheel off-road beach car tank

Iron mailbox

A free upgrade LED lights

Being a baby being detailed configuration

Engine: chongqing boom cylinder 125Cc engine (reverse), single cylinder, air cooled, four stroke

The transmission system: 3 + 1Automatic clutch

Driving system:After former double hydraulic damping, hydraulic damping

Before the tire size: 19 x 7-8 after 18 x 9.5-8 mop vacuum tyre

Operating system: after hydraulic disc brake (handbrake) lamps, lights, horn, the rear brake lamp lights, bold rear axle

Before and after the exhaust system: double aluminum alloy pipe, shelves

Electrical equipment: 12 v4ah power supply

The ignition system: CDI

Startup mode: pure electric start, emergency situation (on reverse and back can be started)

A baby being fostered performance


Weight: 200 kg

Speed: 60-70 (km/ h)

The front wheel size: 19 x 7-8 flower child

The rear wheel size: 18 x9. 5-8 flower child                    

Tank: 3.5 liters

Seat height: 620 mm

Ground height: 120 mm

The front wheel width: 880 mm

Before and after the tire edge length: 1330 mm

The vehicle size:1500 x880x900mm

Optional color: red/yellow/blue/green/black “camouflage need to add 60 yuan”

Painted painted painted painted end to end product type

 As part of the entertainment vehicles, road caught was sent off, we shall not be responsible for.

Purchase information being fostered

1, the postage details:Jiang/zhejiang/Shanghai express delivery, the postage is 200 yuan, other provincial capital cities in China logistics delivery, and the postage is 260-400 yuan, because each city system is different, have different freight oh, to transit city transit fees to the otherWay to trade:

Shopkeeper recommend pay treasure to deal, no pay treasure friends can choose to deposit transaction – pay 30% payment as a deposit, pay final payment of the goods, if the goods arrive to transit, final payment must be paid in to the station.

3, new car use:newCar in the first 300 km for the period, it is recommended that the speed is not more than 50 MPH, eli engine gears running-in, need an oil change, after the period after every 400 kilometers in oil or by the exhaust pipe tier smoked choose oil change.

3, product warranty key:Engine for the damage and failure factors within a year of free maintenance or to old change new, the other a full set of spare parts with cost price for.Engine instructions: 1, with oil feet check oil level.If the oil level is lower than the oil under the feet scribed line, should be added on the lubricating oil to oil foot line.2, can no longer cold machine increase load, preheat 1 to 3 minutes in advance.3, the adaptation of the engine is very important, new car within 1000 kilometers, can not open the throttle, and should be ready to shift.In not good, many trouble.During the running-in, every 300 km or so, should be an oil change;After 350 km, should make a adjustment, compensation period of slight wear and can ensure the good performance of engine, prolong the service life of the engine.


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Appearance Color

Red green yellow blue black white

Engine Type

Four stroke

Motorcycle Type

Quad bikes


125 cc



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